Co-Working is Collaboratively Working

Our intent to serve the emerging demand over cost- effective workplaces, has made us to arrive at a solution that bring all the needs of our clients under single proof. We have a suitable workspace for everyone starts from Startup freelancer to a corporate virtual workforce.

Currently, we are operating at major southern cities (ie) Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Soon, we are planning to have nationwide expansion. Our current capacity is around Total Area of 8000+ Sq.Ft having 160 Workstations, 10 Cabins, 2 Conf Room, and meeting rooms. All our amenities are available around the clock.

What We Offer​

Meeting Room

Our Infra Management team is maintaining all our meeting rooms for ready-to use at any point of time. We assure you to have Hassle free with your delegates. 


Private Cabin

Can be Customized as per your executive's choice. These cabins have fully secured access through CCTV Coverage, Bio Metric systems and contain private lockers.  

Work Desks

We offer dedicated desks that suits for Freelancers, Small Startup Owners and Virtual workforce teams. Our desks are plug & play, secure and safe for your belonging.

Conference Room

Our Conference Rooms are equipped with high quality Audio/ Video devices. You can conduct your webinar, conference, Workshops, training, and board meetings.

Amenities Available

High Speed Internet

Front Desk Reception

Security Services

Server/ UPS Room

Refresh & Beverages

Rest Room

Pay Per Print


Cafeteria Food Court

Bicycle To Move

Biometric Access

Cleaning Services

Amiable Parking Lot

Personal Booth

Helpers for Office

Fitness Spa

OFTOG Hyderabad

We are having Co-Working Complex with the total area of the 8000+ Sq.Ft in the renowned posh area of Hyderabad.

OFTOG Bangalore

Oftog Global Pvt Ltd in Richmond Road has a wide range of services to cater to all requirements of Our customers.

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